Mary Ann Chubb is an ordained Dharma teacher in the Dharmata Lineage of Anam Thubten. She has been practicing meditation and studying Buddhist teachings since 1994 with a number of distinguished lamas, including Anam Thubten and Tsoknyi Rinpoche.

IMG_0333In 2007, she was invited by Anam Thubten, of the Dharmata Foundation to train as a dharma teacher. In October 2009, she was ordained during a retreat with Anam Thubten.
In addition to teaching adults meditation, she works as a facilitator for the Flourish Foundation’s Mindful Awareness program in the Blaine County School District.
She is a 38 year resident of the Wood River Valley, married with two lovely children, two dogs, and an incredibly warm-hearted husband, who also is a Buddhist practitioner.

Mary Ann hosts meditation retreats, and teaches meditation. Her teachings are based on Prajnaparamita, or transcendent wisdom.

When she isn’t in the Valley, she routinely attends meditation retreats three or four times a year.